Choose the right assets to win

In this time of financial stress, banks, factoring, leasing and consumer finance companies require expanded monitoring of their working capital collateral.

Advanced Development has acquired experience in the field of advisory and management support for banks and related financial institutions.

We have a wide experience in this field, covering the time of investment through the reception time, including acquisition, management, leasing, operational/financial reporting, appraisals, audits, market review and asset disposition plans.

We are also a specialized services company that has developed a package of services supporting lenders in valuing, monitoring, collection and repossession of assets.


Why companies choose outsorcing

  • flexebility
  • cost saving
  • implement industrie's best practices


Collateral monitoring services

  • verification services for accounts receivable: both on and off-site
  • dilution tracking
  • accounts receivable reconciliation
  • concentration limit monitoring
  • contra offset review
  • notification services
  • inventory monitoring


Our services mitigate

  • risk of working capital financing insufficiently covered by receivables or inventories
  • risk of non-collection due to not enforceable documentation
  • risk of financing non-existent or overdue receivables/inventories
  • risk of reconciliation differences between balance sheet and compliance reports values

Case studies

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